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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  June 8, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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right now at 11:00 severe storms leave their mark on the d.c. area and deliver a close call to a number of our wusa9 news family. check out this tree that fell into the backyard of morning reporter delia goncalves' southeast d.c. home. it was a neighbor's tree that came down in her yard. fortunately no one was hurt. the tree did not break through her home but caused minor damage to her roof and gutters, but we are grateful that the story is playing out this way and not completely differently.
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good evening to everyone. i'm lesli foster. >> i'm derek mcginty. the severe weather now dying down. however, there are still a few storms out there. our first alert chief meteorologist topper shutt is right here to show us where they are on live doppler 9000 and whether or not your morning commute could be affected. >> i think some of these may linger long enough for parts of the morning commute especially north of town. these showers in the mountains, cumberland, romney, nothing crazy heavy but going on a couple hours and heavy showers still affecting southern maryland. these showers will roll through after midnight, the best chance for heavy weather after midnight. big storms south of la plata on 301 pushing north and east moving 20 miles an hour headed toward huntingdon at 11:35. this is what it looked like earlier today around the capitol. one of the main problems with these storms was in addition to hail and gusty winds, we had rainfall rates of 3 to 4 inches
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per hour. that caused some problems and edslow down the evening commute. check the metro area. blue indicates rainfall of over 1 inch across the board really from bowie over to silver spring back towards chantilly. we will come back, talk about how many showers will linger in the morning, have your 3-degree guarantee and talk about the possibility of another problem other than showers early tomorrow. lately there have been some questions out there about exactly where the d.c. united soccer team was going to call home, but tonight d.c. mayor muriel bowser put all the speculation to bed. >> she announced a final agreement between the district and team to build a new soccer stadium worth $285 million at buzzards point right next to nationals park. that's where we find our mola lenghi tonight. >> reporter: it looks like the washington nationals will get some new neighbors. after some talk the d.c. united club was considering a new stadium in loudoun county, virginia, d.c. mayor muriel bowser came out tonight and
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said buzzard point will be home to a new world class stadium. >> people say d.c. isn't a soccer city. they are 100% wrong. >> reporter: but can d.c. be a soccer city if it doesn't even have a stadium? d.c. united spent its entire existence playing at rfk stadium, the redskins old home. >> it's not a soccer stadium. it doesn't feel soccerrish. >> reporter: the team homes a soccer specific stadium -- hopes a soccer specific stadium will have that soccerrish feeling at buzzard point. >> by giving them a soccer specific stadium, new, updated, beautiful. it's for them. >> reporter: for the fans said d.c. united goalie, the fans who have supported united in their four mls titles since the team's inception in 1996 and despite their success it has been impossible to see the rfk which seats more than 40,000
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people. boris said the new stadium will be all about atmosphere. >> to have a 20, 25 now seat 25,000 -- 25 now seat atmosphere. >> reporter: they -- 25,000 seat makes a more intimate atmosphere. >> i'm excited. they have a great team now. it's a good package getting the stadium. i think fans will come out and support them. >> reporter: the deal is all but official at this point, but it's still not official. what still needs to happen is a stadium feasibility report. the district will still have to acquire land for development and, of course, city council still has to have final approval, but district leaders say at this point it looks like they've got a done deal here. i'm mola lenghi for wusa9. >> thank you. the mayor and team will hold a press conference tomorrow where they are expected to go into greater detail about the deal. the stadium is expected to be completed in time for the 2018
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mls season. dozens of workers at airports and major airlines should have been disqualified from their jobs because of links to terrorism except the tsa never even knew about that, that in a devastating report from the department of homeland security's inspector general. our garrett haake is live at the airport with the reaction. >> reporter: the report calls the process of vetting airport workers generally effective, but tonight yet another hole in the airport security safety net with flyers we spoke to frustrated if not terribly surprised. the new report found 73 airport workers around the country who should have been flagged on terrorism watch lists and denied airport jobs. some worked as vendors like restaurants and bars, others for airlines or airports themselves. the breakdown who works where was redacted from the public report. the inspector general found tsa didn't have access to all terrorist watch list data, a disclosure that surprised
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flyers we spoke to. >> had to be a reason, but this is also a ridiculous reason how they can leave such a hole in their security. >> there is a certain amount of responsibility on their part to make sure they've got the right people doing the job out there. there's no doubt about it. >> reporter: it's the tsa's responsibility to vet every airport application for airport security credentials. the report also identified thousands of aviation worker records that appeared inaccurate or incomplete. thousands lacked passport numbers or social security numbers which the tsa can't legally require. some records identified workers by a single first initial and last name. the report continues a rough stretch for the tsa. last week a different report found in 95% of cases agents failed to catch mock explosives snuck through airport security checkpoints by undercover agents. that led to the reassignment of the acting administrator and promises of improvements soon.
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the tsa said they have accepted all six of the major recommendations from the report including most importantly requesting and reviewing more watch list data and requiring airports to beef up their vetting and record keeping of their employees. at reagan national airport garrett haake, wusa9. >> and the tsa says they hope to put these changes in place by the end of this year. federal officials are recommending trough make some immediate repairs to components in the subway system, components designed toed third rail from water and debris. the national transportation safety board uncovered the problems while investigating the malfunction that caused the tunnel near the l'enfant plaza station to fill up with smoke last january killing a woman. more than 80 others got sick, that incident still under investigation. prince george's county police hit the streets hoping to find new leads in a murder. 22-year-old devon fogg was shot and killed last night. police say he was shot in a car in the 5100 block of southern avenue. he was driven to the capitol
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heights metro station to be handed over to paramedics. this evening detectives talked to neighbors and handed out flyers along southern avenue. a reward of $25,000 is offered for information that leads to an arrest. a frederick police officer is on administrative duty after being charged with driving under the influence. officer debra kidwell was involved in a minor crash in maryland yesterday morning. investigators with the washington county sheriff's office determined the crash to be alcohol-related. officer kidwell's police powers have been suspended pending the outcome of an internal investigation. the judge rejected a motion for a gag order in the freddie gray case. it's the same judge presiding over the prosecution of the six police officers in the case. the prosecution wanted to bar the lawyers and witnesses from talking outside the court about the case.
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gray died after being in custody for a week and suffered a severe spinal cord injury while being transmitted in a police van. a police officer in the dallas suburb of mckinney, texas, is on administrative leave. >> this after he was caught on camera pulling a gun on a group of teen-agers and wrestling one girl to the ground. [ screaming ] >> cell phone video captured the takedown of the 14-year-old girl. >> on your face! >> mckinney police officer casebolt forced her face into the grass twice and placed both knees on his back. >> they thought we were saying rude stuff to him. i was telling him he could get off me because my back was hurting really bad. >> the police were called after an argument turned into a fight over who had permission to be at the pool. officers tried to corral some of the teenagers with little
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success. >> don't take off running when the cops get here. >> that's when casebolt, a patrol supervisor arrived. >> don't make me run around here [ bleep ] when it's [ bleep ] degrees in the sun because you want to screw around out here. >> he also turned his weapon on two unarmed boys. all the children were released to their parents. on sunday the police chief said the department is investigating how it escalated so fast. >> it's something we'll have to look into on training. >> community organizers say they believe race may have played a role because the officer did not try to apprehend any of the white teens who were also there. they are asking the department of justice to investigate. investigators released this surveillance video of a deadly shooting of a boston man suspected of plotting to kill police officers. you see that circle there. the video so his six plainclothes officers surrounding ussamah rahim before opening fire in a
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parking lot last week. boston police commissioner william evans says that the video shows rahim was shot after he refused to drop a military style knife and that officers were backing away when they opened fire. rahim's family says the video shows rahim was not the initial aggressor and he did not appear to be breaking any laws. the shooting is under investigation. testimony scheduled to resume tomorrow in the attempted murder trial of jesse matthew, the man charged with killing uva student hannah graham in albemarle county, but that trial comes later. right now he's on trial for trying to assault and kill a woman walking home from a grocery store back in 2005. today the alleged victim took the stand and testified matthew choked her and tried to rape her. prosecutors say the headlights of a parked car may have saved her life. a prominent d.c. attorney will defend former house speaker dennis hastert.
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thomas c. green has taken the case. hastert is scheduled to make his first court appearance tomorrow. he faces federal charges of trying to hide millions of dollars in hush money and lying about it to the fbi. that money allegedly was used to keep someone quiet about hastert's alleged misconduct years ago. coming up swift justice in the case of a man accused of attacking a woman in a northwest d.c. park. >> ahead strike two for nasa's new landing system for a possible manned mission to mars. >> reporter: the manhunt conditions for two escaped -- continues for two escaped
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there's. >> information about this past -- there's new information about this past weekend's daring escape of two convicted killers. >> a woman is being questioned in connection with the breakout from the upstate new york correctional facility. >> reporter: cbs news has learned a female employee of the clinton correctional facility is being questioned by investigators. they want to know if she helped two convicted killers break out of the prison over the weekend. >> they could be out of state, but they still could be holed up here in dannemora. >> reporter: 34-year-old david sweat was serving a life
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sentence. as a burglary suspect in 2002 sweat and his accomplices shot a sheriff's deputy 15 times and ran him over killing him. richard matt 48 was serving 25 years to life. he kidnapped, killed and dismembered his boss in 1997 before fleeing to mexico. there the career criminal who had escaped jail before was in prison for murdering another man at a bar. the town of dannemora is under a virtual lockdown. the inmates who pulled off the elaborate escape are considered armed and dangerous. authorities say the men used power tools to cut through a brick wall between their cells, break through a brick wall and climb onto a 6-story high catwalk. they then cut a hole into a 2- foot wide steam pipe, shimmied through a maze of tunnels before cutting a lock and chain on a manhole cover 3 blocks from their prison wing to complete their escape. jill wagner, cbs news, dannemora, new york. >> authorities do not know how long the two men were planning
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that escape. contractors were working on the 170-year-old prison. that may be how the inmates got ahold of power tools. the so-called east coast rapist was handed three more life sentences today. aaron thomas pleaded guilty to three kidnappings and rapes in prince george's county between 1997 and 2001. he is already serving three life terms in prince william county and another two life terms in loudoun county on similar charges. a d.c. man has pleaded guilty to sex abuse in an attack on a woman jogging near a park in northwest. 23-year-old glenn green faces up to 19 years in prison. the attack took place in april near meridian hill park. the jogger was wearing headphones and did not know that green followed her into an alley. he did. he grabbed her, dragged her behind a dumpster and assaulted her. police made a quick arrest thanks in part to some surveillance video that showed him running away from the scene. it is primary day tomorrow in virginia. voters in the commonwealth will
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elect party candidates for state senate and house of delegates. there are some key local races like mayor of alexandria. the polls will open at 6 a.m. and close at 7 p.m. you can read up on the candidates and races by heading over to the voters guide on the wusa9 news app and the leaders of the world's seven biggest economies wrapped up a two-day summit in germany. they announced an agreement to wean off carbon fuels after the year 2020 and talked about forming an international coalition to stop isis from taking over iraq, but president obama said the iraqis need to step up. >> we've seen sunni tribes who are not only willing and prepared to fight isil but have been successful at rebuffing isil. but it has not been happening as fast as it needs to. >> now russia was dropped from the meeting of world leaders when president putin sent troops into ukraine two years ago. president obama said russia's actions are a result of putin's
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wrong-headed desire to restore the glory of the soviet empire. it's back to the drawing board for nasa. a parachute failed to properly inflate during a test of new technology designed to slow down a large landing vehicle as it falls through the atmosphere at supersonic speed. today's test was carried out off the hawaiian island of kauai. it's the second time the test failed, but nasa said we're going to study this and find out what went wrong and try it again next summer. nasa hopes to someday use the technology for landing large spacecraft and eventually astronauts on mars. this is a yellow alert day. wusa9 first alert weather, d.c.'s most accurate. >> if you had a moment to do a garden -- have you had a moment to do a 3-degree guarantee? >> just barely. i was heartbroken on saturday. >> what happened? >> i went 81. >> and? >> it was 85 at national, 71 at
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dulles, never got about 80 at my house. anyway today a little better. we got back on the horse. we went for a high of 89. it was 88. there you go, just 1 over which is within our 3 degrees. we'll go 88 tomorrow. good news about tomorrow, less humid. let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam 73 now, showers and light rain at the airport, winds south, southwest at 7. the radar, over the last hour these were the monster storms that moved through the metro about 9:00 this evening. now we have more showers and storms moving up from the south and still light activity in the mountains. you could still have a leftover shower tomorrow morning in frederick. you could have a leftover shower, too, in southern maryland. this is pretty good rain from mechanicsville down to leonardton. the good news -- leonardtown. the good news, no mail or gusty wind but still heavy rain in
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dahlgren. hunting don about 11:41 with heavy rain in north beach about 11:56. headlines go like this. leftover morning shower or thunderstorm possible tomorrow, but stop 64 to 76 for temps, maybe patchy fog, kind of concerned about some of the areas that picked up the rain, not much wind behind this front. there could be patchy fog tomorrow. we'll dry out tomorrow afternoon and become less humid, actually a pretty good day and very warm wednesday but still not humid. we have two days we'll be comfortable before the heat and humidity roll in. 6 a.m. tomorrow a lot of clouds on the futurecast. some showers still in southern maryland and even a couple showers not out of the question frederick coming down 270 and leesburg coming in route 7. you could have a few wet roads. by 9:00 clouds begin to kind of thin out, 76 downtown, low 70s in the burbs. by lunchtime probably walk to lunch, maybe a scattered shower to southern maryland, charles county, temps in the 80s.
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by 6:00 we're 85, but it will not be humid. day planner 70s to start, 80 by 11:00, slight risk of a shower south but 83, partly cloudy by 1:00. wednesday not humid, 88. thursday, hot, isolated thunderstorm. here come the 90s and the next seven days the 90s will be here to stay. we're talking low to mid-90s friday, isolated storm, some storms saturday, low 90s, sunday around 90 and monday a couple isolated storms and still right around 90. so three days in the 90s would technically be a heatwave. get ready. we can call it girl power or women power on the soccer field. >> usa, usa! >> start rocking the red, white and blue, got to root for the women, world cup time. they're out there trying to accomplish something they haven't been able to do in 16 years, a look at their world cup kickoff coming up next. >> plus the slumping nats are headed to the bronx to face the streaking yanks. we'll find out why
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now wusa9 game on sports with kristen berset brought to you by xfinity. >> i want to take you back to
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1999 for a moment, possibly one of the greatest moments in women's sports. the united states women's soccer team beats china to win the world cup. brand chastain famously rips off her jersey, grips it in her hands and falls to her knees in celebration. it's a moment that spurred many of the women on this year's team to play the sort of soccer. now usa seeking its third title. first up with australia, a spin move, scores, usa on the board first. goalkeeper hope solo made some incredible saves. in the 27th minute australia's lisa devana hits the equalizer, 1-1. the world cup helps make some players a household name. here's one you'll probably hear often, kristen press finally
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breaks through. 3-1 the final over the aussies. some crucial points for the americans, neck up a game with sweden friday -- next up a game with sweden friday night and against syria next tuesday. the nationals have a day off today and boy, do they need it. after a red hot may, june has been rather rough. in may they couldn't lose the series. in june they can't win one. it's early. yesterday was another blown chance, though, to get a win under their belt versus the cubs. even jordan zimmermann who has been clutch couldn't help. the loss marks their eighth in their last 10 match-ups. now tomorrow they head to new york to play the yankees who are on a six-game win streak. manager matt williams is not worried. to him it's just a bit of deja vu. >> april wasn't kind to us last year with regard to injury. so it was a little struggle early on. when we got everybody back, it started to roll for us pretty good.
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so that being said there are no excuses, period. we've got to play and win games and get where we want to get to. the terps in new york is the beginning of an eight-game road trip, first stop the bronx. you can catch game one here on wusa9. masters are on the mound for the nats. a great match-up starting at 7:00. the washington redskins may appear on an episode of hard knocks this season after all. the team confirmed they will hold a joint practice with the houston texans during training camp in richmond. the texans are the subject of this year's tv show. that means j.j. watts and skins first round pick brandon scherff perhaps going head to head. lebron james was a monster in game two of the nba finals last night, but is he a skywalker? they don't like to call travel against lebron. look at him, one, two, three steps before he even dribbles
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the ball. >> get a metro card. don't walk. >> i don't remember seeing him take that many steps,
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that's our broadcast for tonight. >> good night, everybody.
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